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AZDOME GPS Player User Guide For Windows and Mac

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You can also use our AZDOME GPS Player from our website for free to view the google maps.
1. Please download the latest AZDOME Player installation file and install it on your computer.
AZDOME GPS Player For Windows 64 Bit

AZDOME GPS Player For Windows 32 Bit

AZDOME GPS Player For Mac

2. Install the AZDOME Player in your computer, photo as below

3. Click File-Open to choose the file which you want to play, click to start play.  Or you can drag the file directly to the player. You can get the GPS information on the player.


If the google Map can't be normally loaded by GPS Player, please try the following operations:
1. Run GPS Player as the administrator(right click on the GPS Player, then choose running as the Administrator)
2. Upgrade the Internet Explorer to IE 10 or above
4. Try to switch to Openstreet Maps or Google Maps.
4. If the GPS player still can't work, please email customer care

Q1:Why dash cam can't get the GPS signal (GPS indicator keeps red)?
The Red flashing satellite icon on the screen indicates that the camera is looking for a GPS signal.
Once this turned Green, it means it now has a GPS signal lock. Therefore, the driving speed and GPS coordinates will be recorded with each video file and it may be stamped based on your stamp settings.

Please NOTE that GPS is designed to work only when you are in your car and driving.
You will NOT get a GPS signal inside your home. So please wait until you go to your car and until you get a GPS signal.

Once it's acquired, you should get a steady signal unless if you are in the dens area of downtown or driving underground, etc. Then you will lose GPS signal.
If you are on the open road, then you should get a strong signal and should have GPS automatically.

Q2: GPS Information is not showing up on the recordings, how to fix it?
1. Please refer to Q1 firstly.
2. If all of the above conditions are met and GPS doesn't work, please send us some of the video recordings without the speed stamp, along with their GPS files (To get them, turn off the dashcam --> take out the SD card --> connect it to your computer using the Micro SD card reader --> open the Micro SD card drive)
* You might not be able to send the recordings via email because of the large size of the recordings. We recommend uploading them and their GPS files on your online drive (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) and sending us the link instead.

Q3: How do I reset it/ change the time on my camera ?
To ALWAYS have correct DATE & TIME, Please do NOT set the date and time manually from the camera's system settings. Instead, all you have to do is set the correct GMT Value based on your location under the TIME ZONE SETTING by going into the camera's system settings.

You do NOT need to change that every time. Just twice a year, when daylight savings time begins and ends.

Once you set it to the correct GMT, the camera will remember your settings. Even after it restarts and will always show you the correct date and time.

Please NOTE that you may not get the correct date and time right away if you are trying this inside your home. Because you will NOT get a GPS signal inside your home. So please wait until you go to your car and until you get a GPS signal. Once you get a GPS signal, you will always have the correct date and time every time.

Our Support E-mail:

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Source: Update FIRMWARE For AZDOME M01 Pro Dash Cam
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3. Please check if GPS works by taking the GPS Module from the car outside. If it works then there must be heavy interference in the car, for example, thick car Explosion-proof membrane, metal item and etc.

I'm using Azdome GS63H with GPS built-in, and my car is Honda CRV 2.4 2017.

This dash cam is working normally, and GPS is working too from outside car. However, dash cam is working normally without GPS signal inside my car. I think that the problem is the V-kool film, which is attached on the my car's windshield.

Would you like to give me the advise to use the dash cam GS63H with GPS signal inside my car?
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