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[M01 Pro] ※M01 Pro※ Firmware Upgrade Guide (AZDOME M01 Pro)

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At first you need check your current firmware version installed in your camera on the menu so you can get the correct firmware file.
There are different firmware for M01 Pro dash cam from different batches.

1, M01_Pro-SC7A20E-210118AZVIG
2, M01_Pro-SC7A20E-210513AZVIG9
3, M01_Pro-7A20E-220701AZVIG9L
4, M01_Pro-7A20E-221203AZVIG9LJ

If you have firmware already installed as above dates version, then you have the latest firmware. If you have older firmware and need to get the latest firmware update file.

Please make sure to read all the directions before starting to update the firmware and then follow the directions exactly as stated below.

The whole process in detail below:
Format the memory card in your dash cam:
You can do this by going into the camera's system settings. (Please NOTE: Make sure to backup your recordings if you need them before formatting the memory card)

Download the new latest firmware on your computer.
Please look for the latest firmware file for the AZDOME M01 Pro model and then proceed to download it.

If your original firmware version is:
M01_Pro-SC7A30E-200811AZVIG / M01_Pro-SC7A20E-201027AZVIG
Please download by clicking M01_Pro-SC7A20E-210118AZVIG

If your original firmware version is:
Please download by clicking M01_Pro-SC7A20E-210513AZVIG9

If your original firmware version is:
Please download by clicking M01_Pro-7A20E-220701AZVIG9L

If your original firmware version is:
Please download by clicking M01_Pro-7A20E-221203AZVIG9LJ

Copy the firmware files with names ending in ".bin" directly to the memory card.
To do so, you need to access the memory card using your computer. Insert the memory card to your computer directly if you have the memory card slot and SD-adapter so you can access the memory card and copy the firmware files to it.
Please NOTE: Do NOT create any new folder on the memory card to save the firmware files. Simply copy and paste the files with names ending in ".bin" directly to the memory card.
IMPORTANT: Please make sure that the firmware's file name doesn't get changed. Otherwise, the camera will NOT recognize the firmware update.

Now keep the camera plugged into the power and turned OFF.
Then, Insert the memory card with the latest firmware files into the camera.

Now, Press the POWER button once.
This will start the firmware update process. You should see the blinking RED LED on top left corner which means your AZDOME M01 Pro dash camera is updating the new firmware.
Please NOTE: you will NOT see any activity on the display of the camera. It will stay blank during the firmware update. The firmware update may take up to 1 or 2 minutes. So please be patient.
Make sure the POWER does NOT get disconnected while the firmware is being updated.
Once the firmware is updated, the camera will turn ON automatically.

Once the camera turns ON after the update, the first thing you would want to do is FORMAT the memory card by going into the camera's system settings. Otherwise, the camera will keep updating the firmware every time it restarts.

You can now check the latest firmware version by going into the camera’s system settings >then>firmware version.
If you have successfully updated the firmware, then you now have Upgrade your AZDOME M01 Pro dash camera's firmware successfully.

If you need any help,  please email customer care with your current firmware version installed in your camera so we can email you back with the correct firmware file for you.

Thank you for Choosing AZDOME.

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Kind regards
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