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Dear Customer,

There are different latest firmware for PG02 dash cam from different batches, please check the current firmware version in your dash cam first, then download the right latest firmware to update.
-If download the wrong firmware to update, the dash cam screen will go white or striped. You can update the original firmware to solve it.
-Please backup the important files because updating will delete all files.

1. PG02-7A30E-191115AZQI
2. PG02-7A20E-191119AZVI
3. PG02-7A20E-211130AZVIB
If you have firmware already installed as above version, then you have the latest firmware. If you have older firmware and need to get the latest firmware update file.

Please make sure to read all the directions before starting to update the firmware and then follow the directions exactly as stated below.
1.Formet Micro-SD card
You can do this by going into the camera's system settings. (Please NOTE: Make sure to backup your recordings if you need them before formatting the Micro-SD card)

2.Check the Current Firmware Version
Press [Setting]    1.jpg   , as below the photo


Please find the [FW Version], as below the photo;
Get your PG-02 dash cam current firmware version:PG02-*****-**********


3. Download the Latest Firmware into your Laptop
Select the right latest firmware to download in Google Drive.
If your current FW version is:
Please download the latest firmware by clicking on PG02-7A30E-191115AZQI

Please download the latest firmware by clicking on PG02-7A20E-191119AZVI


Please download the latest firmware by clicking on PG02-7A20E-211130AZVIB

4.Copy the Firmware File to the Micro-SD Card
Please insert the Micro-SD card to your laptop directly if you have the Micro-SD card slot and Micro-SD-adapter so you can access the Micro-SD card and copy the firmware file named "SD_CarDV.bin" to it.
-Do NOT create any new folder on the Micro-SD card to save the firmware file. Simply copy and paste the file directly to the Micro-SD card.
-Please make sure that the firmware's file name doesn't get changed. Otherwise, the camera will NOT recognize the firmware update.

5.Insert the MicroSD card into Dashcam
Now keep the camera plugged into the power and turned off dashcam. Then, Insert the Micro-SD card with the latest firmware file into the camera.

6.Power on the Dashcam
Press the POWER button once. This will start the firmware update process. You should see the words "Read File" "Write Firmware" on the screen, The firmware update may take up to about 1 minute.
Make sure the POWER does NOT get disconnected while the firmware is being updated.
Once the firmware is updated, the camera will turn OFF automatically.

7. Check the Latest Firmware Version
Power on the dashcam again and check the latest firmware version by going into the camera’s system settings >then>firmware version.
Now you have Upgrade your dash camera's firmware successfully.

Thanks for stopping by!
We love hearing from our customers, and we'd love to get your feedback to further improve your experience with us. Let us know how we're doing, or contact our support team ( if you need further assistance from us.
Kind regards
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