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[General] wireless charger how it works?

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Most of the principles of wireless charger are magnetic induction and magnetic resonance. They provide such a charging scheme: putting the device on a surface and automatically charging without data line.

Of course, wireless charging is not really a wireless charging. Although your mobile phone, smartwatch, tablet, wireless headset, or other equipment do not need to connect with the charger, the wireless charger itself needs to be inserted into the wall socket to work properly. When iPhone 5 was released, Android mobile already had a wireless charging function. Apple Corp executive Phil Schiller disagrees. "In most cases, developing another device is actually more complicated."

5 years later, the apple changed his mind. With the support of iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, Apple supports the use of Qi open standard wireless charging.

The radio charger usually uses magnetic induction. The simple explanation is that they use magnetic force to transmit energy. First, you put devices, such as smartphones, on the wireless charger. The current from the power socket generates a magnetic field through the wires of the wireless charger. The magnetic field generates electric current inside the coil of the wireless charger. This magnetism can be converted into electrical energy and used to recharge the battery. The device must have the suitable hardware to support wireless charging, and devices without wireless charging coil cannot be charged by wireless.

Although the Qi standard was originally limited to magnetic induction, it now supports MRI. This device works like this, but it can be 45 millimeters away from the surface of the wireless charger, rather than touching it directly. This method is less efficient than magnetic induction, but there are some advantages - for example, a wireless charger can be installed under the surface of the table, and you can put a device on the table to charge it. It also allows you to put multiple devices on a charging board and charge all devices at the same time.

The Qi charger does not consume the maximum power when it does not actively charge. On the contrary, it uses less power. When it detects that the device is placed on the charger, it will increase the energy output.
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