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[General] how to test usb type c

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In terms of testing specifications, Type-C's testing has the following main requirements:

1. structure test: Type-C is mainly used in handheld devices, so it needs 10 thousand times of high lifespan as USB Micro-B. The insertion force and pull-out force are also different from those of other USB Type. The insertion force of Type-C is 5~20N, and the pulling force is 8~20N. At the same time, cable bending test and cable pull-out test must be carried out. For example, Micro-B, Type-C must also carry out 4 axial tests.

2. electrical test: in the low level rated resistance (LLC) test also changed, the original value from the original 30m to 40m ohm. In addition, Type-C must enter the current temperature rise test, give 5A current at the Vbus terminal, and give 1.25A current at the Vconn terminal, the temperature change cannot exceed 30 C.

3. environmental testing: same as USB 3, comply with EIA 364-1000.01 specification for operation environment testing.

4. electroplating requirements: the same as USB 3.

In view of the testing and verification of various items, such as high-frequency signals, mechanical properties, electrical properties and environmental changes, the manufacturer is in urgent need of the assistance and consultation of the professional laboratory in the certification test. The association's officially authorized laboratory can provide professional technical support and equipment to fully reproduce the possible conditions that these products may encounter in the real world, and to point out the risk of the problem, to ensure that the product meets the quality requirements and presents the functional requirements perfectly.

Because USB 3.1 began to require a transmission speed of 10 Gbps, the Shielding Effectiveness Requirements problem was also particularly emphasized. The good or bad of the wire screen will affect EMI and RFI, so the USB Association defines the rigorous test requirements for the wire screen test, as shown in the diagram for the wire shielding setting.

how to test usb type c

how to test usb type c

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