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[General] how can wireless charging work

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With the emergence of iPhone 4, smartphones continue to emerge and replace traditional mobile phones. Smartphones have many advantages that traditional mobile phones can't replace, but more and more functions, higher configuration and larger screens bring high-quality experience. The data line has become an essential part of the day, but the troubles and frequent inserting of the data line are easy to damage the phone's socket, and the wireless charging technology has been paid attention to.

[the principle of wireless charging]

Wireless charging is not a new thing for digital enthusiasts, but only a few users are using it. The so-called wireless charging principle is not very tall, the current use of the QI standard is mostly wireless charging alliance, the standard charging mode is electromagnetic induction, that is, two coils in the case of no contact, the primary coils are alternating current, through electromagnetic induction, secondary coil will also have current generation, thus charging. The purpose of electricity.

With the requirements of consumers' quality of life, wireless charging technology has also developed rapidly. Since the emergence of the wireless charging alliance, the wireless charging technology has four main concepts, such as electromagnetic induction, magnetic resonance, electric field coupling and radio wave reception. Because of scientific and technological material, charging efficiency and safety, electric field coupling and radio wave reception are not very good. At present, the mainstream of the market is electromagnetic induction. Because of the high degree of freedom of the magnetic resonance, the prospect of wireless resonance is the future direction of wireless charging.

As iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X are listed and all the Qi wireless charging standards are supported, mobile equipment manufacturers both at home and abroad have chosen to join the wireless charging alliance. Where is the advantage of wireless charging compared with traditional data lines?

On the market, wireless QI charging standard, universal performance is very high. Whether it's an Android or apple, a smartwatch, a handset, or a tablet, it can be used as long as it supports the wireless standard. It can be used to make a charger, use multiple devices, and worry about the replacement of data lines.

The biggest worry of using a data line to charge is winding. It is not only inconvenient to use, but also easy to trip up the cup on the table or trip the baby on the bed. Wireless charging not only makes the desktop clean, does not want coil trouble, but also full of power and mobile phones.

Reduce the mechanical wear of the interface.

When the charging frequency increases, the data line should be plugged regularly every day. It is easy to cause damage to the charging interface of the mobile phone. Wireless charging is directly through the internal receiver of the mobile phone to achieve charging, good protection of the mobile phone interface.

[adapted scene]

The convenience of wireless charging is more obvious in special groups and scenes.

1. public places.

In railway stations, shopping malls, Starbucks, KFC and other places, there will be a lot of free charging base stations or shared charging treasure to provide use, but the data line is easily exposed to bad or damaged conditions because of the long time use of the data line. And some illegal devices have used some devices to steal user privacy through data lines, resulting in user property losses. Using the principle of electromagnetic induction, wireless charging can only produce current without data circulation. On the one hand, it protects the privacy of users. On the other hand, it eliminates the trouble of data line damage, low maintenance cost, and can reduce interface wear and tear, that is to take away.

2. office.

During work, office documents are stacked on the desk, and the data line will be very messy and reduce work efficiency. And employees who often need to communicate with customers can feel entangled. Wireless charging is used to pick up mobile phones when making phone calls to ensure that the mobile phone is in a state of non charging when it is connected to the phone so that the mobile phone battery can be well protected. The miniaturization of the wireless charging device can be embedded in the outlet of the office desk, and the table is more neatly clean.

3. bedroom.

The wireless charging device is placed in the bedside cabinet. At night, the distance between the sleeping cell phone and the brain is moderate, and the radiation effect is small. In the middle of the night, answering the phone also avoids the trouble of removing data lines or chargers, and reduces the probability of cell phone socket damage. There is no data line to receive trouble, and bedside cupboards are tidier.

4. cars.

The use of navigation is very common. The power consumption of mobile phone navigation is very high. Generally, the driver will choose to charge in the car. But the data line connected to the mobile phone on the bracket is not only unsightly but also affects the driver's line of sight. The bracket type wireless charger does not interfere with the data line when answering the phone, and the driving process does not interfere with the line of sight.

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