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[General] Teach you how to choose USB HUB

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The USB hub, which we often call USB HUB, can extend the USB interface of a computer to multiple USB interfaces to solve the use of the USB interface of the user's computer and the convenient and convenient plug-in interface.

How does a good HUB standard measure? This "good" word includes multiple meanings, and the excellent products that need a comprehensive evaluation of quality, ease of use and brand are good USB HUB.

With the experience of buying and buying hubs for our friends, what characteristics do we need to talk about the basic literacy of a qualified USB HUB today?

1. Number of interfaces

At present, the use of 4 USB HUB is very wide, there are 7, as well as more than a dozen HUB, of course, this HUB is mainly for comparison check, batch processing work scene use. It is worth mentioning that the multi-interface USB HUB is widely equipped with power supply, which has obvious advantages in power and can drive more devices with high power supply requirements.

2. External power supply

First, to understand this attempt, a USB interface can provide the current of the 500mA, and the HUB without the external power supply can only be allocated from the limited 500mA current and distributed to the extended interfaces. But the HUB of the external power supply has no limitation. It can provide sufficient power for each interface according to the active condition, which is very helpful to the USB mobile hard disk and other equipment with high power supply.

We should know that insufficient power supply can lead to immovable equipment not read data. The serious point will cause data recording error, hard disk damage, scrap and so on.

3. Transmission speed

The problem of hub transmission speed is not absolute. Besides theoretical value, line length, power supply, and compatibility between USB, the transmission signal problem will also be affected. The highest transmission rate of USB2.0 theory is 480Mbps, and the theoretical speed of USB3.0 is up to 5Gbps, and the popular point is that USB3.0 is nearly ten times faster than USB2.0 charging/transmitting speed.

But if you use a 2 U disk, then you can only reach 2 of the USB3.0 interface, and the version of the U disk has been limited.

4. Reasonable interface layout

Excellent USB HUB design is very humane, will take into account all aspects of the user. For example, the location of USB HUB to provide an extended interface is very important, the poor location of the USB port one but insert the device, can block other USB devices, resulting in a waste of interface.

General star type open design of the USB HUB interface is a very good position, there will be no conflict, the superior brand will take into account this, so in the design of the development of this concept, the superior in the market some products will not have such a situation.

5. Reasonable light hints

In order to distinguish the work of each device on USB HUB, many USB HUB provides LED lights to display the working state. Generally speaking, the long and bright lights indicate that the USB device is being connected steadily, and the light flicker indicates that the USB device is transmitting data.

This kind of prompt effect is very practical, it is worth noticing that some USB HUB light effect is too obvious, easy to cause light pollution, so the reasonable light hint is the key, the light should be soft and no eye.

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